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 OMIK has established a Scholarship fund that began in 1960 with the help and encouragement of Arrisia Sorey, KA8WZO and Joyce Spight, N9YXM. Joyce has managed the program either directly or indirectly since its inception. The first scholarship was presented in 1961. In 1994 a textbook stipend was added. In 2001 the OMIK Scholarship fund was founded as a separate organization of the OMIK Amateur Radio Association. Tommy Spight, KJ9K was elected custodian. Harold (Mitch) Mitchell, KB8QT, treasurer and Richard Reese, WA8DBW, secretary / resources officer. It is anticipated that this year two scholarships will be awarded and a stipend for books as well.

 Please contact any of the listed officers for additional information regarding the fund or call 330-335-0122 (Rich WA8DBW). We encourage all to consider a donation to aid in furthering the education of America's youth.

Remember ALL contributions to the OMIK Scholarship Fund are TAX DEDUCTABLE

Remember the OMIK Sunday HF nets on 3.920 MHz at 7AM to 8AM Eastern, 7.265 MHz at 7:30AM to 9:30Am Eastern, and 14.295 MHz from 10AM to 12 Noon eastern time. I hope to see you there.

Last Update 11/23/2002

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