50 YEARS of OMIK Amateur Radio

 Here are some highlights of the 50th Anniversary OMIK Annual Convention July 17 through 21, 2002 held in Dayton Ohio.


This is a copy of the full page add placed in QST for the promotion of the 50th anniversary.

OMIK was founded August 12, 1952 in Xenia Ohio at the home of Henry Garcia, a professor of music at Wilberforce College in Xenia. W8ZAW, Lawrence Sallee of Cincinnati Ohio was elected president, Jim Smith W8CZD, was elected secretary/ treasurer, Llewellyn Scearce, W8TKE, was elected net control for communications. At that first meeting there was much discussion regarding a name for the organization. After bantering about many suggestions it was finally decided to use the first letters of the home states of most of those present at the meeting. Thus, the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky Radio Association, better known as OMIK was born.

OMIK was formed in 1952 in an effort to provide a medium whereby black amateurs could communicate with each other and provide assistance to those traveling around the country. One must remember that in 1952 there many barriers of segregation in the United States and it was often times difficult for traveling blacks to find a place to stay or even a place to eat or use the restroom. It was thought that fellow black amateurs could assist in providing information to those traveling and in fact most simply opened up their homes to those traveling fellow amateurs. This is a tradition that continues today on the part of many amateurs. As we know with the Supreme Court decision on 1954 of Brown vs. Board of Education and the start of the Civil Rights Movement, many of the segregation practices began to fall.

 In the years since the formation of OMIK the organization has grown to have members from coast to coast and including other countries. Over the years OMIK officers and members have come from many diverse social economic and ethnic backgrounds. OMIK is not restricted to black amateurs. OMIK is proud to be an organization that welcomes all licensed amateurs. There are many clubs affiliated with OMIK throughout the country such as the NEOO in the Cleveland / Akron Ohio area. Contact any member for additional information. OMIK publishes a directory of members containing name, address, call, phone number, and email. When you hear someone referring to the "Blue Book" it is this directory they are talking about. Any member can use it to find a person near you to furnish information about becoming a member of OMIK. On the off chance that you can't find an OMIK member on the air - send an email to me, Richard Reese, wa8dbw@arrl.net or call 330-335-0122.

Remember the OMIK Sunday HF nets on 3.920 MHz at 7AM to 8AM Eastern, 7.265 MHz at 7:30AM to 9:30Am Eastern, and 14.295 MHz from 9AM to 11AM Eastern Time. I hope to see you there.

OMIK has established a Scholarship fund that began in 1960 with the help and encouragement of Arrisia Sorey, KA8WZO and Joyce Spight, N9YXM. Joyce has managed the program either directly or indirectly since its inception. The first scholarship was presented in 1961. In 1994 a textbook stipend was added. In 2001 the OMIK Scholarship fund was founded as a separate organization of the OMIK Amateur Radio Association. Tommy Spight, KJ9K was elected custodian. Harold (Mitch) Mitchell, KB8QT, treasurer and Richard Reese, WA8DBW, secretary / resources officer. It is anticipated that this year two scholarships will be awarded and a stipend for books as well.

 Please contact any of the listed officers for additional information regarding the fund or call 330-335-0122 (rich WA8DBW). We encourage all to consider a donation to aid in furthering the education of America's youth.


This photo is some of the attendees of 50th annual convention

The 50th annual convention was a memorable event with the keynote speaker being the honorable Rhine McLin, Mayor of Dayton Ohio. Mayor McLin is an avid supporter of the OMIK scholarship program and of amateur radio in general. Remember that Dayton is the home of the famous Dayton Hamvention.

Mayor Rhine McLin


Immediate past President Frank, K1UB and his lovely bride at the banquet


Newly elected President at the 50th annual convention,

Dr. Wayne Scott, N4RAP and his beautiful wife Roshan


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