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NEW! An Interface for your MICOR repeater to your controller with a DB-9 on the TLN-4662A Squelch gate Card!

This interface will permit you to fully utilize the famous Micor Squelch and all connections to the external controller are made on the Squelch Gate Card! With the flick of a switch you can return the repeater to its original operation and remove the controller. This may come in handy in an emergency if you need to remove the controller for maintenance or repair.


On this page I will attempt to list information that I believe to be of interest to other users as well as that for which I have received multiple requests.

If there is something you need help on, let me know and I will attempt to locate and post it. If you have information and would like to see it posted, send me e-mail and I will post it as time permits and credit you as the source.  Be patient, some of the files are rather large in order to provide good quality. They may take some time to load.

Repeater Power Supply / Battery Charger TPN 1106A Schematic

Repeater Power Supply TPN 1110 Schematic

Unified Remote Control Chassis TCN1187A etc. Jumper Table

Unified Remote Control Chassis Interconnect Chart Part 1 , 2 , & 3

TLN4662A Squelch Gate Module Jumper Table & Board Layout

Check back soon - There is more to follow!


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