This is a collection of miscellaneous information that others and I have found useful. It is collected from various sources. If you have something you would like to share with others, this is the place for it. I will post it here and make it available to others.

Simply send me e-mail and let me know what you have to share.

Want to know the owner of that mile high tower? Go to

MOSLEY TA-33M Manual

Popular Akron Ohio Scanner Frequencies

Surplus 50 Watt 900 MHz amps. The ones I have used are from Microwave Power Devices and are rated at 50 watts out! They require 26 volts at 7 amps. Click here for a specification sheet.

Attempting to solve that intermod problem? Perhaps this software may help. Only 56K!

If you find INTERMOD to be a useful and convenient product, a contribution would be appreciated, send a contribution of $20.00 to:

Geoffrey L. Joy


12964 Smoketree Pl.

Chino, CA 91710


Planning to purchase some of those cheap coax connectors? Before you do, read this informative article by Jeff Depolo WN3A.

RAMSEY FX-220 Schematic 

Ferrite Circulator / Isolator Explained

ASTRON RS-12A Schematic

ASTRON RS-20A Schematic

ASTRON RS-35M Schematic

ASTRON RS-70A Schematic


Download in Microsoft Excel 97 format, the relationship between dB, DBM, Volts P-P & RMS, Voltage & Power Gain, at both 50 Ohms as well as 600 Ohms. This is courtesy Doug Hall Electronics. I have their RBI-1 and 4 Channel Receiver Voter.

Hold down the Shift Key and click HERE to download (102K) the file.


As of January 01, 1998 the FCC requires that we all be aware of RF safety.

Here is a neat program written by Wayne Staats, WS8RM.

Are you or your neighbors are concerned about all of that RF floating around you antennas? This little program will put everyone's concerns to rest. All that is required to run the program is the frequency of transmission and the gain of the antenna. E-mail Wayne and let him know if you like the program or if you have any problems. Wayne will send you a free update in the event he makes any changes in the program.

Hold down the Shift Key and click HERE to download (42K) the file.


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