This is a view of the 1292.200 / 1272.200 repeater. Notice it is a pair of Yaesu FT-912 transceivers. All connections are made at the microphone connectors. The only modification was to the transmitter. The power was turned down to 700 milliwatts. The 700 mw is then used to drive a Downeast Microwave amplifier that provides 22 watts into the duplexer. The Sinclair duplexer is on the left above the transceivers.

Above the Duplexer is a TPL power supply and at the top is the MVP receiver and link transmitter for the 53.17 repeater of Marty, N8XPK.


This is a rear view of the 1292.200 repeater and duplexer.


That's the 1292.200 repeater antenna on the right. It is a Diamond F-1230. The horizontal beam is used for control of some of the equipment. At the top of the tower is the DB420 used on the 444.200 repeater.


Looking NE towards downtown Akron from the repeater site.



Last Update 12/01/99