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Interface your MSR-2000 Repeater to your RC-850 HERE

Have and ITC-32? I do. Need a schematic? This is it!

Need the schematic for the RC-850 Computer Interface Board (CIB)?

Thanks to Rick Franz, VE4RF, we now have both of the schematics. They may be viewed by clicking on the listing below. They may be down loaded by holding the shift key and clicking. Send a thank you to Rick if you find them of some use.




There have been several requests for schematics of the RC-850 controller as well as other ACC products. Well here they are in jpg format. You may view or download them at your leisure. Hope you find them of some benefit.

RC-850 VRT - RC-850 Novation Telephone Interface - RC-850 Generic Telephone Interface

RC-850 Main Board Block Diagram - RC-850 Main Board Parts Layout

RC-850 FAQ - MORE RC-850 FAQ

Version 3.42 Firmware Info

TS-32 Remote Control

FC-1 Schematic

Download RC-850 Zip Manual

Download RC-85 EPROM Files +unlock code for the clock


Download Zip Utility

FC-900 Interface Schematics Courtesy Henry Clark

Y2K and your ACC Controller

If you just purchased a used RC-850 and do not have the Hardware reference Manual or, you forgot how to initially set the DIP switches to get it to work? - This may help:

The 850 requires 12 volts or so on pin 4 of the power connector.

The repeater PTT is on pin 7 of the digital I/O connector.

Repeater COS is pin 17 of the digital I/O connector.


The initial dip switch settings are shown below

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