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Rendezvous #9 Chicago June 1 - 3, 2001

Here are some of the more than 80 photos I took at the rendezvous. I will be adding more in the future as well as captions and ID for some of the characters. It you think of suitable captions - let me know so that they can be added. See you on 7248 soon.


That's me with my arm around Joe W8HXY. 85 years young and still in there each morning at 7:30 running the warm up prior to net time!

My wife Charmaine and Thelma, Tony's (KE9PH) wife discussing how fortunate they are to have such wonderful husbands!





Mitch, KB8QT and Troy, N8AWO meandering up the hill to the pavilion for the GREAT food at the picnic.


Horace (KC3AE) is trying to decide if he should grab Rip's food and run. Meanwhile Rip (N4AWU) is grinning with his hand ready to defend the food to the death!

Although it was a rainy weekend, we all had a great time. I refuse to say who climbed the water tower just East of RT. 57 and painted the smiley face!


Come back soon, as more photos will be added later.

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