Dayton Hamfest 1999

That's Steve of Link Communications on the left and Allan on the right.

I'm smiling because I had just been told by Allan that I was the 1000th visitor to the Link Communications booth. And this was only Friday afternoon! As the 1000th visitor I was the lucky winner of one of the "Link Golf Shirts" or perhaps the prize will be free use of the new CSM-1000 service monitor for beta testing for two or three years! After seeing the CSM all I can say is "What a Machine!"

I found Bob, WB8OVQ and Fred, W8HDU contemplating their next megabuck purchase!

I ran into some friends and took a well-needed break in the flea market on Friday. Don Nelsch took the photo, K8EIW with his digital do it all camera.

The Three Stooges! That's Dave W8GSK next to me and Don, K8EIW with the belly over the date!

Boy! I can remember when there were no UHF repeaters in the Akron Ohio area and we worked simplex on 446.000 and 446.500, played with APX6's and all of us had smaller waistlines and no gray hair. Of course we used GE Progs and then Masters and there were no handhelds for UHF. (Dave is the owner of Domer "GE" Communications in Canton Ohio)

Don put the first UHF repeater on 449.850/447.850 in CuyahogaFalls Ohio. It was a "Master Pro" with a 2 meg split. Of course this was back when the Cleveland 76 machine was 146.340/146.760 with tone burst required! I had the second UHF machine in the area on 444.200 in the summer 1977. I guess Dave and Don are getting to be OLD!! Wow! Thirty years of going to Dayton!

I caught Allan Overcast, President of Link Communications running back to his booth with the bargain of the hour.


Found Ed Johnson, N8HJY in the flea market counting his $ after another satisfied customer.

Saturday morning in the main arena. The crowd was much lighter than normal.

This is Terry KB8AMZ. This was after being up for two days attempting to grab all of the bargains in the flea market.

(Perhaps it was my snoring that kept him awake)


Terry celebrating that last super deal he found. He is smiling because of the new QRP rig he purchased.

Dan,WD8MDF and Dave, WB2DFC taking a break.


Check back soon - More pictures to follow as soon as I locate 2 rolls of missing film!

Last Update 6/7/99

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