Charmaine and I have SIX Children, Nine Grandchildren, and Two Dogs and Two Cats

We Love them all and pray for their good health and happiness in life.


Yep, this is my darling wife Charmaine.  I thank God for her each day.



Number one son Richard Jr. all dressed up.


Rich allegedly working!


Number one Daughter Christine with her son (our oldest grandson) Mike and his dad

Steve after Mike’s High School Graduation


March2010 056.jpg

Christine and husband to be Mark


March2010 096.jpg

This is number two son Eric with his wife Aundrea

March2010 065.jpg

Eric again after preparing another great meal.  He is a chef and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America!


Char with Juliann and Meredith our number two daughter



That’s me with number three son, John, Number one Rich, and John’s son Johnny

John lives in Norway!

March2010 050.jpg

This is Laura our daughter number three and our youngest

March2010 100.jpg

Laura again with her two sons Logan and Connor



This is me in the “Lazy Boy” with Daisy Mae and Lil (BIG) Abner.  They are our perpetual 3 year old grandkids!


This is Sammy our miniature Black Panther.  He is only about 6 pounds and almost 15 years old!


This is our other cat named DAWG. 

He was a 3 month old stray we received from out Vet in December of 2007 after the death of our cat PC-Marie who was almost 20 years old!


This is Sassy.  We had her for 13 years.  She was the gentlest dog I have ever seen. 

She was mixed Chow and Golden retriever.  She died in the summer of 2004.  We still miss her!


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