The Resurrection of My Tower

The unloading crew prior to the trucking company delivering the tower sections. That's me on the left with Joe, N8MUM and Dan, W8DBR, with Lou, WA8PHD on the right. Ed, N8HJY is not shown.

All of the sections stacked in the backyard ready to be installed.

Starting to dig the hole for the foundation.

Looking down into the hole.

The base with the first section installed prior to pouring the concrete.

This little jewel holds about a half a yard of concrete. It took 16 of them to fill the hole!

Just a couple of feet to go!

Preparing to pour a four-inch pad over the base to make an 11 X 16 patio. This made my wife Charmaine very happy! The plastic sheeting is to help prevent the patio slab from adhering to the 6 X 6 X 6 chunk that is the tower foundation. Here in Ohio we can have the frost line as deep as three feet. The tower base will not move but the four-inch thick patio slab will want to rise and fall with the freezing and thawing of the ground.

Pouring the patio.

The finished slab with my palm print.


Dave, AL7OP helping to lay the sections out in the back yard prior to assembly.

That's me attaching a side arm for mounting of a couple of the antennas.



Waiting for Don, K8OMO to arrive with his crane.


Don, K8OMO has arrived!


Joe, N8MUM takes a break.


Looking down from the 50-foot level at the D-4 dipole for 40 through 10 meters.


That's me climbing up to remove the chain from Don's crane.


Gary was an excellent supervisor of the crew. He made certain no one was injured!


Looking up 80 feet.


That's 300 lbs. of Terry, KB8AMZ on his way up for a view!


Installing some of the antennas.


The birds have found a new perch!


The wires visible in this photo are part of the 160-meter antenna and are not used for guying.


Ed, N8HJY and Terry, KB8AMZ taking a break in the house.



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