That's an Echophone EC-1A and it provided coverage from .55 to 30 MHz or in the old days we call it mc or megacycles. I still forget to use megahertz some time. The receiver had a beat frequency oscillator (BFO) so it was CW ready. It came standard with an automatic noise limiter, self-contained speaker with 115 or 220 to 250 volt AC or DC operation.

The receiver used six tubes. They were 1-12SA7 mixer, 1-12SK7 I.F. amp, 1-12SQ7 second detector, first audio amp and AVC. Next there was 1-35L6 second audio amp, 1-12SQ7 for the BFO and noise limiter, finally there was 1-35Z5 used as the rectifier.

The receiver was housed in a steel cabinet that was painted with gray lacquer. The louvers on the top of the cabinet faced forward so as to better project the sound towards the front from the speaker mounted underneath. The receiver was 8 inches high , 8 inches deep, and 12 inches wide. The cost in 1946 (the year I was born) was $29.50!


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