I suffered an on the job injury while an employee of Radio Shack in Wadsworth Ohio in August of 2005.  A chair in the store office collapsed resulting in my falling to the concrete floor.  As a result I suffered a herniated disk in my lower back.  Prior to that time I was never late or missed a day of work with the exception of a couple of weeks after having cancer surgery.  I returned to work three weeks early.  I was also one of the top performing sales employees in the district in spite of being a part-time employee and often placed in the top 10.

My doctor, as well as the doctor Radio Shack sent me to, said I required surgery to repair the herniated disk.  The company refused to authorize the surgery for over two years!  Finally I had the surgery after the Ohio Industrial Commission ordered Radio Shack to comply.  Prior to the surgery I was unable to walk up stairs and could only walk a short distance with assistance.  Since the surgery I can now raise my foot about 5 inches and walk with the use of a cane or walker for short distances or an electric scooter for longer distances.  Prior to the injury I could place my foot on a desktop with ease.  I routinely went on 10 mile hikes and enjoyed cycling, camping, and routinely climbed hundreds of feet with relative ease.  Now I can barely climb a step stool.

Radio shack continues to deny all requests for diagnostic test, treatment, rehab, or physical therapy.  When I appeal their decision they continually request a continuance for months and finally when a hearing is forthcoming they then may agree to the consult or requested testing.  I believe it noteworthy that I have never lost at an Industrial Commission hearing.

During the nearly eight years since my injury I have received no compensation for lost wages.  I am fortunate in that I was receiving a pension as a retired police sergeant when I agreed to work for Radio Shack.  My wife and I thank God for that.  How many people could go eight years with no income! 

If you are an employee of Radio Shack or an individual contemplating employment with them, I urge caution as I have been told that it is Radio Shack policy as a self-insured company to fight all injury claims with the hope that the victim either becomes discouraged and give up or die.  I have been advised if it were strictly a workers comp case it would have been settled years ago!

It should be noted that Radio Shacks latest settlement offer is for me to accept 1500 dollars and no further medical treatment and they will consider the case closed!   What a joke.  My last MRI which Radio Shack did not pay cost over $3000.00!  Again, be wary of working for Radio Shack as they will treat you like a piece of trash if you are injured on the job and then expect you to take yourself to the dumpster for disposal! 

Richard D. Reese

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