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This is Roxanna Rae. She is our seventh grandchild and FIRST Granddaughter!

Just minutes old at eight pounds four ounces and nineteen inches long born November 22, 2001 (Thanksgiving Day) at 9:54 AM.


Three days old and well on the way to being spoiled by Grandpa Richard!


This is a photo of me after completing yet another morning of net control of the "7.248 bunch". That's not Coca Cola in that glass!


The foot prints of the elusive Norton Beast!

This is my wife; Charmaine and me dressed as Saint Nicholas for the Saint Bernard Parish Christmas Dinner


Past Weeks Photo

Opening Day of The All American Bridge

This photo is looking North from Perkins Street in Akron Ohio. I took this picture from the roof of the Akron Board of Education building at the corner of Perkins and High Streets.

Other Weeks Photo

This is a family photo from September 1946.

The baby being held by the 3rd lady from the left in the front row is I! I was two weeks old and being held by my grandmother! My Mom is seated 5th from the left with the polka-dot dress. My Dad, Robert, passed away on January 02, 1987. He is standing directly behind my Mom holding my brother Robert Jr. who was two years old at the time.

All of the children in the picture are still living. My Mom and her brother, my Uncle George, are the only adults still with us. Mom remains in good health and my goal is to be as sharp mentally and physically as she is. My Uncle George suffered a stroke earlier this year and is in a wheel chair but otherwise in good shape at the age of 96. Hopefully some of that longevity has rubbed off on me!

Photos from weeks gone by

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