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O.A.R.C. News

 April, 1999

 Ohio Area Repeater Council, Inc.

Pat Hays, N8OOB, Secretary OARC Newsletter Editor: Wm. Trigg Tabor K8NIO
PO Box 329 Submit articles/comments to: K8NIO@ARRL. NET or to
Greenfield, OH 45123-0329 callsign database (call book) address.


A member of the NFCC certified Mid-America Coordination Council (MACC)

Meeting Notice:

Speeding The Process:

An O.A.R.C. meeting will be held 9:30 AM, Saturday, April 10 at Universal Radio, Inc., 6830 Americana Parkway,

Reynoldsburg, OH. This will be a regular business meeting to discuss repeater issues and it will include the election of an O.A.R.C. Director to a five year term. This new Director may serve as the OARC Chairman for at least one of the five years.

It is important that you attend this meeting to learn of any changes that may impact your repeater operation or its coordination. Also, it is very important that you attend in person to hand your ballot to the OARC Secretary. You may also mail your ballot or a signed proxy ballots. All mail ballots must be received by April 9, 1999. Vote for the Director candidate of your choice.

The next meeting will be 9:30 A.M., October 9 at Universal Radio, Inc. in Reynoldsburg, OH. I hope to see you all there.

 Visit the OARC Web Site http://www, oarc. Com

Technology speeds up the coordination process. Your Ohio Area Repeater Council has made major strides in speeding up the processing of your applications. The backlog of paperwork is gone. How? We are using Internet e-mail and FAX machines to speed the messages and the paper from our frequency coordinators to the proper files in the OARC Secretary's and Coordination Chairman's office.

Now you can down load any needed form from our Web site. You may want to down load the Acrobat files from www. oarc. com and share them with anyone wanting to submit an application. Also, there is no excuse for not registering your links. The forms are there and if anyone needs help with the "paper work" contact your OARC Area Frequency Coordinator.

 Did you know?

There are 696 repeaters coordinated through the O.A.R.C. however, only seventy two percent of the 1998 Statement of Records (SOR) were returned. Not returning the SOR is a sure way to lose your coordination. By not returning the SOR two years in a row, will result in loss of coordination.


The following two letters were received as an e-mail or as attachments to e-mail. The body of the text of both were imported without change and are shown here. - ed.


 Candidate Letter 1: Richard D. Reese WA8DBW


This letter is to notify you of my desire to be a candidate for the position of Director that will be selected at the April Meeting.

I am qualified for the position. Some of the reasons are:

I was licensed with the call WA8DBW on April 05, 1962. I have been involved with amateur and commercial FM and repeaters in Ohio for over 30 years. I was instrumental in placing the first repeater in Akron Ohio on the air. I have been a repeater trustee for over twenty years without interruption since I placed the first UHF (444.200) repeater in operation in the city of Akron.


I have the fortune to possess the ability to work effectively with all types of individuals in a fair and impartial manner while maintaining an appropriate image. In addition to my excellent people skills, I have the ability to adapt rapidly to change, accept new responsibilities, and master new and challenging tasks.




Candidate Letter 2: James A. Kvochick WB8AZP


Please accept the following as a declaration of my candidacy to run for the position of Director on the OARC.


I am Jim Kvochick WBSAZP, first licensed in 1968. I have been actively involved with the Ohio Area Repeater Council since its formation, holding offices of Treasurer, Area Coordinator, and Director. During this last year, I have been responsible for OARC special projects. During the last 8 years, the OARC has streamlined coordination procedures, and adopted new tools like the Internet and email, to assist in providing the best possible service to radio amateurs. One measure of OARC success is the small attendance at annual meetings, which translates into the fact that we do such a great job, very few individuals feel the need to complain. My mission is to continue to provide the best level of service to all amateurs, as fairly as possible. During my tenure on the council, we have all had to face difficult decisions, and sometimes ask individuals to step down from positions. This is just one part of being ever vigilant. Directorship is a serious responsibility, not one to take lightly. My plan is to continue the tradition of those who have worked so hard to make the council the respected organization it has become. My desire is to be open to any new concepts or ideas that will benefit spectrum utilization within and around the state. I look forward to receiving your vote as a show of similar support. Respectfully,




Correct Mobile Antenna Placement

The Larsen Company, manufacturer of quality mobile and other antennas, publishes an antenna location information sheet in their product catalog. They consider ground plane availability, the antenna electrical length and the radiation pattern of each design.


Each antenna type (1/4 wave, 1/2 wave, 5/8, etc.) has a very specific radiating pattern to be considered when selecting a mobile antenna. Larsen notes that "the signal radiating from a 1/ 4 wave antenna is directed more vertically, thus making it ideal in urban environments where buildings might obstruct the signal. The design of a 5dB collinear mobile antenna is designed to direct the signal more towards the horizon. This type of antenna is ideal for geographically fiat regions where the signal coverage is sparse."


Using a standard automobile, there are five possible general locations for mounting and antenna: the roof, front fender, rear fender, trunk and rear (or other) window glass. The center of the roof is always the best location for a mobile antenna. Using it as reference, here is a comparison of the other locations for different antenna mounts:

Roof center (permanent) 0.0dB

Roof center (magnetic mount) -0.2dB

Roof corner (magnetic mount) -0.2dB

Trunk center permanent) -2.1dB

Trunk center (magnetic mount) -2.8dB

Trunk lip (center) mount -2.8dB

Trunk comer (magnetic mount) -3.4dB

Hood corner (magnetic mount) -2.4dB

On-Glass (upper window) -0.5dB

On-Glass (mid part window) -1.2dB

On-Glass (lower window) -3.0dB

As you can see, the placement of your antenna and the way you mount it is critical. You can loose all the benefit of that "super" antenna by putting it in the wrong spot.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cut along dashed line.


Ohio Area Repeater Council, Inc.

Official Ballot for Director

Cut out and mail to: Pat Hays, N8OOB, Secretary

PO Box 329

Greenfield, OH 45123-0329

All ballots must be received by mail not later that April 9, 1999 to be counted, or you may vote in person at the meeting to be held at 9:30 AM, Saturday, April 10, 1999 at Universal Radio, Inc., 6830 Americana Parkway, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068. You are entitled to one vote for each of your coordinated repeaters. You may give all your votes to one candidate or you may split your vote.


Number of repeaters coordinated? ______________


Call signs voting (must be a coordinated repeater):_____________________, ____________________, _________________,


_________________________, _____________________________, ______________________________, ___________________________ ' _________________________, '_________________________


(Write number of votes cast after the candidate's name. The number of votes can not exceed the number of coordinated repeaters.)


Richard D. Reese, WA8DBW _______________

Jim Kvochick, WB8AZP _______________


Note: All ballots will be destroyed after being counted and the results announced at the April 10 meeting.


Send all O.A.R.C Correspondence to: Pat Hays, N8OOB Secretary

or, e-mail to mail@oarc.com PO Box 329
Greenfield, OH 45123-0329


© OARC t999





Cliff Bade, W8CJB Chairman

Ken Bird, W8SMK

R. Marvin Turner, K8KX

Walter Vogel, WB8FNB

Mike Gruss, KC8EPF


Secretary/Treasurer: Pat Hays, N8OOB

Link Registrar: Bill Hess, K8SGX

Special Proj. Chairman: Jim Kvochick, WB8AZP

Webmaster: Russ Roysden, N8NPT

Coordination Committee:

Coordination Chairman: Ken Bird, W8SMK

Area 1: Mike Harvey, KB8UXX

Area 2: Cliff Bade, W8CJB

Area 3: Bill Creighton, K8TUT

Area 4: Pat Hays, N8OOB

Area 5: Wm. Trigg Tabor, K8NIO

CTCSS Tones by area:

Area 1: 67.0, 85.4, 107.2, 156.7, 186.2,.218.1 Hz

Area 2: 69.3, 88.5, 110.9, 162.2, 192.8;225.7 Hz

Area 3: 74.4, 91.5, 114.8, 167.9, 203.5, 229.1 Hz

Area 4: 77.0, 94.8, 118.8, 123.0, 173.8, 206.5, 233.6 Hz

Area 5: 71.9, 82.5, 97.4, 151.4, 179.9, 210.7, 241.8 Hz


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