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There have been many requests for assorted information on the 4EP6 Power Supply.

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This is the supply that GE used on all of the 1/4 and 1/3 K amplifiers from Low Band to UHF. There were several revisions from the original that used a pair of mercury vapor tubes (866's) for the rectifiers. The later versions scrapped the tubes for solid state devices. The amplifiers were indestructible when used with the GE supply. The supply provided all required voltages as well as forced air for the PA. Protection is built in for detecting airflow, over temperature, over current, low drive etc.

If you are unable to locate the factory supply and are planning to build your own, you would do well to review the GE supply so that your amp will provide long trouble free service.

By the way the filament voltage is adjustable. Do not neglect to make provisions for this if you home brew your own. If you use the factory supply adjust the filament voltage to the specifications called for in the instructions for your amp. This will make a tremendous difference in the performance of the amplifier as well as the life of the Tube.

I have a pair of the UHF amps that use the 4CX300A, one of which is still putting out 200 watts after 19 years with the same tube! This is a great amp and if you get a chance to pick one up grab it. I have found it to be much more reliable that the Motorola 1/4 K. It is also much more economical to replace the 4CX300A ($60) compared to the 8874 / 3CX400 ($250 to $400) used in the Motorola 1/4K Micors.

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