This is another view of things after the Micor was hauled to the roof of the building on the day of installation. From left to right are Joe N8MUM, Dave AL7OP, and Mike WB8CXO



 The Repeater on the day of installation at the Hill

That's Dan, W8DBR


The repeater is equipped with frequency agile remote bases on 2, 220, 440, and 1.2 GHz. They are Kenwood mobile radios that are controlled by the Doug Hall Electronics RBI-1 remote base controller. In addition to the frequency agile remotes there is a HR-2600 for 28 MHz as well as a modem and additional ports on the controller for two other repeaters.


The repeater cabinet is full of all sorts of extras. There also is a GE cabinet loaded with equipment for 220, 900 1.2 and 2.4 GHz repeaters as well as a 5.6 GHz beacon transmitter.








A view of the RLC3 with the modem on top and the remotes for 10 meters, 144, 222, 440. And 1290 MHz.

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Last Update 12/01/99