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Want to get a repeater coordinated in Ohio? Go to the Ohio Area Repeater Council (OARC) web site to find out how. If you want to find an Ohio repeater you are out of luck if it is not coordinated by the OARC. As far as they are concerned, it is non existent unless coordinated by them. Yes, I am aware that it is tantamount to saying "A vehicle that is not registered by the BMV is non existent." We all know that this is not true. If you don't believe it - find an improperly registered or a non-registered vehicle and jump in front of it as it approaches. If the OARC's philosophy is correct, you will not be struck. In the event I am correct you will not only be struck but probably severely injured also!

One should not think that I am opposed to coordinated repeaters. I am a firm believer in coordination (I have seven) but I also believe that here in Ohio, as in most areas, it can be made a pleasant and informative experience provided, a few thoughts are kept in mind.

Repeater coordination must be fair and impartial to all.

It is my belief that the coordinating body must avoid even the appearance of partiality.

There is a problem when there is significant belief that it matters whom you are, what class or how long you have been licensed, or whom you know on the council that determines how many "HOOPS" must be jumped in order to receive coordination. The refusal of the coordinating body to address this as well as the pretending that uncoordinated repeaters are nonexistent serves only to promote confusion and ill will among those served by the Coordinating Agency.

Some say that it is because all members of the Board of Directors of most, or perhaps all, Coordinating Bodies are volunteers. I have a problem with this statement. While it is true they receive no monetary compensation, they are not true volunteers in that all Board Members ask to have their names placed on a ballot to be voted on by the Repeater Trustees in the areas covered by each agency.

Perhaps I, as well as you, should give some thought to running for a spot on the Board of the respective Coordination Body serving your area. Those candidates receiving the most votes are "rewarded" with an often-thankless position or the impossible task of attempting to please everyone. While I have found in my fifty-five years that it is rarely possible to please everyone, it is ALWAYS possible to perform your duties and responsibilities in a fair and equitable manner. This is what I, and in fact this is all anyone can ask or expect of a coordinating body.

I ask that the Coordinating Entities of all areas consider this plea. I ask that the Repeater Trustees of all repeaters, wherever they may be, insist on the Board Members providing fair and equitable coordination to all that they serve and that each individual trustee remember that fair and equitable treatment may not result in everyone being happy.

73 and see you on the air.


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 Created 01/23/99