I have repaired and restored Collins amateur radio equipment for over 37 years! When I was a teenager and repairing equipment for others, I would have given almost anything to be able to afford a piece of Collins Equipment. Now that I am retired and the children are grown, I am able to purchase just about what ever I wish, provided my wife approves.

I am the proud owner of a KWM-2, 30L-1, 312B-4, 516F-2, & 75S-1 combination. You will find me using it when I am not on the ICOM 781.

Click the above photo for photos of my station.


I have many of the Collins Radio Service Bulletins. If you need information on any of those that I have, send me an e-mail. For a list of what I have - CLICK HERE

For lots of great information on Collins Radio Equipment, visit the WA3KEY site at:


Visit the COLLINS RADIO ASSOCIATION web site at:


Check in to the CRA net Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on 7.233 MHz


Visit the Collins Collectors Association web site at:


Be sure to check out the CCA Nets on the following frequencies and times:

Tues: 3.805 MHz-8pm CST / Thu: 3.875 MHz-8pm CST

Fri: 3.895 MHz-10pm CST / Sun: 14.263 MHz-1830Z or 2:30pm CST

Are you one of the many 390A fans? If so, click here to see some excellent photos of a 390 deck after cleaning and re-lubing by Jordan Arndt, VE2SWL of Calgary. I am anxious to see the 390 after the restoration is complete.

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