The Apple Valley Area of California

We made a trek to the Valley because Number One Son Richie lives in the area. Lots of wind, hot air, and you can get your car sandblasted for free! There is always sand blowing and every few years you need to get your vehicle re-painted as a result. This coupled with the earthquakes makes one wonder why anyone would want to live in the high desert area. We still do not have a difinative answer to that question. Perhaps it is because Victorville College is there. Anyway here are a few pictures...

A lovely view of the pond on the college campus

Always helping others

A Father with a GREAT Son

Sharing ideas

What a tough job! Having to work with three beautiful ladies.

Let's try and bypass that firewall again!

Was the photographer that funny?

Graduation day 1999!

The Best of the Best!

There are many other photographs to be posted as time permits. Check back later for additional pictures.

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Updated 09/20/99

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