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Have an old fiberglass antenna? Not sure how to refinish the fiberglass.

I use Celwave and DB Products, as well as Antenna Specialist antennas for repeater service. As you are probably aware, The Allen Telecom Group is now the owner of DB Products and Antenna Specialists. All of these manufacturers products have their advantages and I have found people that either love or hate various manufacturers antennas.

I have had good luck in the Northeast Ohio climate with all three manufacturers. For light duty and economy installations I have used Diamond, Comet, and Cushcraft antennas designed for multi band amateur service. I do not recommend them for harsh environments or repeater service.

I have also designed and constructed many antennas. These have ranged from vertically polarized collinears to fifty-six element beams for 2.4 GHz. I hope to post information for those who may be interested in constructing their own antennas. It is much more rewarding as well as economical to build your own, and if done carefully, they can be as rugged as any commercial antenna.

Here is a tip for those of you looking for commercial antennas at amateur prices. Check with you local freight salvage companies. Over the years I have managed to get antennas that had slight damage or in some cases, they had no damage. They were refused by the recipient or simply were not deliverable. The last antenna was picked up at an Akron Ohio salvage company for $50. It was an ASP705 with no damage and the warranty card still intact. The dealer cost of the 705 is about $600! The only thing missing was the mounting hardware!


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