On Saturday, December 12, 1998,

Lou WA8PHD, and myself, Richard WA8DBW, took a trip to Amateur Electronics Supply, "THE" HAMRADIO STORE for NorthEast Ohio located in Wickliffe. This was our second trip in a week. We were there on December 5th. I drove Lou up and he bought a Kenwood TH-G71A that was stolen on the 8th of December. This trip was for Louis to purchase a replacement for the stolen handheld.

This is Ben is writing up the sale for the second time in a week! Lou should get the award for CUSTOMER of THE WEEK. Two 120 mile trips and two Ht's in seven days!



That's me, Richard WA8DBW on the left, and Ben AA8AH, the store manager. We had a nice conversation and solved all of the world's problems!


Here is Dan W8DBR and Rod WB8RQX.


Larry KC8HLC, Dan W8DBR, and Linda KC8LEN

Larry and Linda are Husband & Wife.


Summit County and 444.200 were well represented on this day at AES

Steve says Hello! Steve is the newest and youngest employee at the Wickliffe store.

All Photographs were taken by Louis Albert, WA8PHD.

The film was processed by F-Stop Camera in Akron Ohio.